Editorial Food Photography - WOMAN'S WEEKLY - Page 4

Woman's Weekly Magazine, published by IPC Media, was launched 1911, and is one of the best-selling woman magazines in the UK.
It is now one of a few magazines left working with a proper cookery department (Food editor, Homeeconomists, Prop stylist, Art Director..), providing a weekly service of creation, testing and publication of recipes for food features. I have been working for more than a decade
for this magazine, providing editorial food photograpy, food advertorials and digital retouching.

This Page shows you my food photography for following recipes features:

Chinese, Chocolate Recipes, Cheese, Bread baking, Desserts, Egg Recipes, Picnic Food, Lamb....

Chinese food
Chocolate recipes
Bread recipes
Cooking with british cheese
Low fat food
Mother's favourites
Egg Recipes
Cooking with lamb
Picnic food
Cooking with herbs