Pricing / Fees

My work is normally based on 1/2 or full working day (4 or 8 hours).

My rates depend on the requirements / publication / equipment of the project,
ranging from £ 250 to several thousand £ per 8 hour day plus VAT.


Use of Photographic studio (commercial space London) £ 150 to £ 350 per day plus VAT


Digital retouching £ 20 per hour plus VAT.


Travelling expences: Car 40p per mile + car parking fees + congestion charge


My average fee for 1 day editorial food photography is £ 750 plus VAT including 1/2 day retouching and studio cost.

Other services, which might be required:

Home Economist : Daily rate £ 200 to 350

Prop stylist : Daily rate £ 200 to 350

Hair and Make up Artist : Daily rate £ 200 to 350

Photographic assistant : Daily rate £ 100

Props for the photo shoot: depends on requirement, average for 8 simple food shots £ 100

Understanding my personal expenses included in my fee:

I am a self employed, VAT registered photographer, my professional freelance fees include:
Income tax, liabilty insurances, pension, organising, personal promotion, accounting and equipment (section below).

If you take all this off my quote/fee, and divide the remainder by the hours of the shot, you get an idea of how much I earn by the hour.

Understanding the costs of my professional photographic equipment:

I provide different kind of cameras / lighting equipment - necessary for different types of photography:


Canon gear for location / journalistic work, still life and food photography:
3 high resolution bodies, 10 lenses (tilt and shift, wide angle, tele, zoom, macro and fisheye),
tripod, heads, light meter, batteries, cables, additional accessories...
- that cost me about 20k


Professional high resolution medium format camera equipment for still life / advertising / food photography:

2 bodies, various lenses, highend digital backs up to 80 MB, accessories...
- that cost me about 60k


Professional studio and location flash lighting equipment:
5 flash packs, 8 different flash heads, 4 flash heads for location, light boxes, umbrellas, stands, auto poles....

- that cost me about 30k


Fast computers and various types of software:
- that cost me about 8k

All equipment also needs repairs or relpacement every 3-10 years.


Dont believe in these cost? Look up professional retailers for professional photography equipment.