Cookery Books Photography - DAIRY DIARY 2005

published by EAGLE MOSS   written by : Pat Albury    Home Economists: Claire Lewis    Styling: Lucy Pearce

The Dairy Diary is a diary by Englands largest dairies/milk supplier showing weekly pages with a total of 52 recipes.

Photographic lighting includes flash light and imitated day and sunlight.

Fluffy Cheesecake Chinese style chicken soup Date and Banana Flapjacks Spicy Tomatoe Chutney Honey Roasted Lamb
Buttermilk Tea Breads Salmon Anchovy Butter Beef & Black Beans Stir-fry Roast Vegetables Pizza Toast
chestnut stuffing Stir fried Savoy Cabbage Lentil Soup Italian Tomatoe Bake Pumkin Pie